The Importance of the Pre-Employment Drug Test

job candidates waiting for interviewAs an employer, you have many responsibilities from ensuring that your candidates have the qualifications they need to perform the job well to make sure that their goals and aspirations are in line with your company’s goals and culture. You are also responsible for ensuring that all of your employees are drug-free.

Drugs Can Compromise Your Business

People who use drugs can become so consumed by their addiction that they begin ignoring everyday responsibilities – like their job. Drugs can severely impact cognitive abilities, which can negatively affect employees’ job performance. Eventually, all of the negative impacts add up and can actually harm your bottom line. You may think one bad egg can’t ruin your image, but you have to remember that each employee is a representative of your business, and if customers or colleagues notice that this employee is not performing to the standard it can harm your brand image.

In addition, if you are hiring for a job that requires the use of heavy machinery, specialized equipment, or is in a healthcare setting, an employee being under the influence on the job can result in serious injury to the employee and others.

What Can You Do About Employee Drug Use?

As an employer, you have the right to request a pre-employment drug test. At Pinnacle Medical Management, we provide drug screening in Houston, Corpus Christi, Dallas, and San Antonio so that you know you are hiring a person you can trust. Contact us today to learn more.

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