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Comprehensive Testing

Are your students and employees completely drug free? Do they need other drug testing? Pinnacle Medical Management provides comprehensive urine testing and other exams for businesses and school districts. Because we are not a typical medical clinic that performs a myriad of other services, we are able to specialize in a variety of testing, such as drug tests, physicals, and DNA testing.

Let us relieve the burden of compliance and reduce your risk of liability. We regularly review the laws, statutes, and guidelines that govern American industries. In doing so, we keep our clients updated with all current regulations as they are implemented. We provide a wide variety of drug screening services and other diagnostics that include:

  • Student Drug Testing
  • Student Athletic Physicals
  • On-Site Drug Screening
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • DNA Testing
  • Paternity Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Urinalysis
  • DOT Exams

Contact us to schedule pre-employment screenings at your business. We proudly serve the state of Texas.